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                Episode 412 - Movie Night Too!
                Fan Invitation
                Cool off and come over...
                Well, I bet you didn't know this, but there was a very important line from "Gone With The Wind" that was dropped. It was the part where Prissy the maid said, "Miss Scarlett, I don't know nothin' about makin' no invitations!"?Okay, okay, I'm just kidding, but indulge me a little - I'm just getting excited about encouraging you to create your very own "Gone With The Wind" invitations.

                In thinking about that hot Southern weather, what could be more appropriate for getting your guests in the mood than invitations in the shape of a fan?

                • Matte board (*you can purchase them at your local art supply or framing store)
                • pencil
                • ruler
                • exacto knife
                • hole punch
                • attractive paper
                • oval-shaped platter
                • glue gun
                • ribbon
                • tassel
                • envelopes
                • pen

                Place the matte board coloured side down. Using the ruler and pencil measure a one-inch increment across the top of the matte paper. Move the ruler to the bottom of the page, make a mid-point and then two more marks each a quarter of an inch from the centre. This will bring these fan sides to a nice point. Turn ruler vertically and lines from the marks at the bottom to those at the top of the page. Cut along each line using an Exacto knife. Matte paper is thick, so you may have to go over your cuts a few times. You will end up with two little pieces, ready to start fan. Using a hole punch, create a hole about half an inch from the bottom and in the centre of each fan side. Lay an oval-shaped platter on top of the attractive paper (you can also use a protractor), and cut with an Exacto knife to create the wonderful fan shape. Write out the details you would like on the invitation, such as "Gone With the Wind party" in big letters. You can also add movie quotes, flowers, anything your l'il heart desires. Fold paper into an accordion shape. Glue the invitation to the matte board sticks, using a glue gun or white all-purpose glue. Attach a little ribbon at the bottom to join the sticks together. I added a tassel to the bottom as well, which I thought was a nice touch.

                Last thing to do is to address the envelopes. I'm going to suggest that the back of the envelope should come from Mr. & Mrs. Gerald O'Hara, Scarlett's Mom and Dad, at Tara plantation. Then, assign some of the characters' names to your friends; for example, "Mrs. Ashley Wilkes". Throw the fans into the envelopes and then they are "Gone With The Wind" to your prospective guests.

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